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It mostly leaves the hardcore CBB fans behind

Posted by exposed On May - 15 - 2014

canada goose clearance META please never do blernsball april’s fool again

buy canada goose jacket cheap Honestly it was just nice seeing what was a controversial comment by seeing the amount of up and downvotes vs a comment that was just not paid attention to.Then Canada Goose Outlet again it also just makes me nostalgic Canada Goose Coats On Sale for how reddit first was (or how I remember it) from when I first joined. For instance when there were less people on the site communities seemed more canada goose factory sale tight knit. The daily threads that were user driven and created seemed to be used more often because it wasn’t a flood of unfamiliar users. Think of how team subs are now, that’s how bigger subs were canada goose clearance back then. I could go more on the nostalgia train, but I’m sure that would be just boring at this point. So it cheap Canada Goose wasn just Canada Goose Parka 1 mod.We have a group chat where we chat Canada Goose Online day in and day out about the sub and actions to take and threads to look at. canada goose coats So some person has been this nefarious for this cheap canada goose uk long. People I like to think are my friends for the thick and thin we go through. So you basically telling me to throw everything I have been through and think we have a troll in our mod team. I have a VERY hard time believing this based on no evidence from the other side. Just complete conspiracy theories with no evidence.If anything since this is Canada Goose online a buy canada goose jacket troll they saw it caused angst once, and decided to troll more. Why this person must be a mod has no basis. What would a mod get for trolling this? If it was a mod it would been a mod who hated the idea and wanted to uk canada goose cause more pain to show how much they hated it. Not a mod in favor of it. This whole thing is just a conspiracy theory with literally nothing to back it besides some random thought.I said it yesterday, I repeat: I had more trouble posting relevant Canada Goose sale tweets to this sub than I ever canada goose seen evidence of spamming accounts actually being dealt with.Edit, also, congratulations on showing a list of posts that were removed way too late to make it look like a great job was done. But perhaps stay away from anything like this in the futureSwapping a subreddit’s topic I think only works canada goose coats on sale on the micro scale of the Coyotes fanbase a specific team, and only when things get so bad for them that they need the joke to distract them from misery.I mean, there were a lot better options that doesn’t disrupt the normal flow of the subreddit. Maybe make all comments end in a Pierre McGuire quote? Or swap all flair out for text flair with something silly like ‘Thinks Pecca Rinne is too good right now’, ‘Considers Mike Millbury a pleasant person’, ‘Wants Canada Goose Jackets to hear Don Cherry’s views on Russians’ and the like?This is just me, but things I learned as mod:Don’t do anything related to TV, even if it is sports related because people’s tastes in TV shows is vast.Any possible April Fool’s joke in the future should not allow any posts about it be made relating to buy canada goose jacket cheap the canada goose uk shop joke. (See 3)There are a LOT more users who are in the new queue than previously thought. Hundreds if not thousands of users are in it. Previously the number I thought was much smaller. Even though the previous learning was most users only browse the main “Hot” section, there’s a very devoted base in the new queue. The new queue canadian goose jacket is very important to users, so don let it get messed with.If another April Fool’s is attempted. Do not launch until at least Midnight CT time, but preferably after all games are finished. The safest bet is Midnight PST. Launching while a game is happening causes confusion and anger.At this point I’d rather never canada goose clearance sale do an April Fool’s joke of any sort in the future. The backlash if you get it wrong is unwavering and not worth it.Also FWIW it wasn just one mod with the idea. We discussed it as a team. I personally did the “design” which was updating the usual header, logo and sidebar. That all we touched visually.After the first backlash of posts in the new queue when it launched I personally thought it was done. No one else was going to attempt to post. Some other user started spamming posts late yesterday and it was never my intent for another canada goose store wave to happen. We took care canada goose uk black friday of it once we noticed the spamming. I noticed it big time in /r/collegebasketball. I used it for several years, and it uk canada goose outlet has grown big time in that time. It has gone from there being a decent amount of discussion about actual basketball to memes and played out jokes dominating the comments. Now, I actually think it still pretty good for actual discussion relative to other sports subs of comparable size, but it not as good as it was when there were 60k subscribers (now at 238.3k).And the discussion gets so much better in the offseason when a lot of the subscribers stop checking the sub. It mostly canada goose online leaves the hardcore CBB fans behind, and so they actually talk about why X team will have a better year next season, reminiscing about past players and games and overall it just so much better. It gets especially bad during the tournament of course when there a huge influx of users. It a known thing canada goose black friday sale in the sub that during tournament time, a lot canada goose uk outlet of unflaired people come and talk shit and say a whole bunch of hot take bullshit that anyone who actually knows basketball wouldn even consider.I think it hysterical that this sub has had such a backlash to one below average joke. Like God damn, this sub will still upvote the same joke comments in small trade threads about how it a blockbuster, but for one damn day the mods do something different and there an uprising.

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