KateeLife (katee owen)

    She says…

Hi! I’m Katee Owen. I don’t think I’ve ever properly introduced myself so I’ll begin today. Its a nice breezy day, very sunny and not a cloud in the sky. I’m just a girl who knew that one day the internet would be home. I like things in twos, so I also live on a private island surrounded by a private ocean/sea. Yep, both. If you were to ask me which 11 things I had to choose to not live without… they would be clean water, my cat Baby, good foods and plants, Himalayan salt, quinoa, the sun, my bike, micro 4/3rds camera with endless amount of memory, sunglasses that play my favorite music, a computer+a webcam, and Amazon (had to put it in.)

KateeLife.com is completely free and it’s also free to watch me when I’m in the Free Chat! I usually broadcast a few times a month from wherever I am. The island is huge so there’re endless places to go :-) If you really like me you might want to catch a Group Show or get my videos! At this time all MFC tokens are contributing to the building of The Cammobile which means more places, and more videos… Thanks for reading :-)

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