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Others weave funnel shaped webs

Posted by exposed On May - 10 - 2014

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What are spiders?Spiders are amazing creatures. They are part of a group of organisms called canada goose clearance arachnids. In addition to spiders, this group of critters includes scorpions and pill bugs.

Spiders are not insects or bugs.

Canada Goose online Spiders have eight legs and eight canada goose eyes, but no ears. Instead of hearing, they feel vibrations with tiny hairs on their legs. Their bodies have two parts, the head and the abdomen.

cheap Canada Goose Because they have an external skeleton that doesn’t grow, as a spider gets bigger it sheds its old skin and reveals a new one that has been formed. Sometimes we find these old exoskeletons and mistake them for dead spiders.

Some spiders are hairy, others are smooth. Most of them are voracious predators and eat other spiders, insects and even small animals.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Activity: Cookie canada goose coats spidersHere’s a fun activity to help remember that all spiders have eight legs.

You will need enough chocolate sandwich cookies for each person and some thin buy canada goose jacket black licorice.

Cut the licorice into segments about two inches long. Push eight of these licorice legs into the creamy center of the cookie. You can use jelly beans or frosting to make eyes.

canada goose store After you’ve had some fun with your spiders, eat them. Now you can remember you ate the spiders with eight legs.

Canada Goose Jackets NOTE: Sorry the people who made the video didn’t know spiders have eight legs. Make sure yours do.

canada goose coats How do spiders walk? Although spiders have muscles canada goose store that help them flex their legs, they use hydraulic (liquid) pressure to extend them. Tractors use hydraulics to move their buckets, too. Hydraulic oil is pumped into a hollow tube and the pressure pushes a canada goose coats on sale ram out, extending the bucket. When the pressure is released, canada goose uk shop the bucket will move back canada goose clearance sale to rest on the ground.

canada goose black friday sale If spiders want to move their legs out, they pump them full of blood. This is why dead spiders, who can’t pump blood to their legs, have curled up legs.

Canada Goose sale Spider websMost people think of webs when they think of spiders. Spiders have developed special glands called spinnerets at the tip of their abdomen that are used to make silk. This silk is flexible and very canada goose sale womens strong, and is used to make webs.

Spider webs come in all different shapes, sizes and forms. Some are used to catch insects, others are made to provide protection. canada goose black friday sale The diving bell spider builds a web under water and then carries air bubbles down to the web to make an underwater house.

The Bolas spider spins a single strand with a sticky end on it. When a moth canadian goose jacket flies by, the spider throws it’s “lasso” at the moth to catch it.

About Canada Goose Online half the insects that get into an orb web will escape before the Canada Goose Coats On Sale spider catches them. The center of the web, where the spider waits, is made of dry silk and isn’t sticky. Some of the Canada Goose Jackets strands are also dry. Spiders can move around on their webs because they walk mostly on the dry strands. They also move around on their tip toes, making minimal contact with the sticky strands. Spiders frequently clean their feet. Some people think Canada Goose Outlet that the fluid from the spider’s mouth helps keep their feet from sticking.

canada goose coats on sale Not all spiders weave geometrical webs. Some webs are irregular with silk uk canada goose strands going in every direction. Others weave funnel shaped webs. Regardless of the shape of the web, most of cheap canada goose uk them are designed to catch prey Canada Goose sale and signal the spider when something good to eat gets caught in its web.

buy canada goose jacket Spiders that huntSome spiders don’t use webs to catch prey. They need to hunt instead. Tarantulas, wolf spiders and jumping spiders are examples of hunting spiders. Some of these hunters hide Canada Goose online and wait for their victims, others canada goose uk outlet sneak up on them or chase them down.

Jumping spiders sneak to within a couple of body lengths of their prey, raise their front legs and jump. They can jump several times their body length and usually anchor a cheap Canada Goose string of silk to the surface they jump from before leaping. This way, if they fall, they can climb back up the silk.

Jumping spiders and wolf spiders can move quickly. If you get a chance to watch one as it hunts you will notice that their legs move so fast it’s hard to see them moving. It canada goose uk black friday appears that the spider just transports itself across the surface.

These spiders like to hunt in sunny places. This keeps them warmer and buy canada goose jacket cheap allows them to move faster.

Canada Goose Parka Jumping spiders are known for their curiosity. If approached by a hand or other object, instead of running away as most spiders do, they will often turn to face the object. Sometimes they will raise their front legs in a threatening way to get the object to retreat.

canadian goose jacket The ant mimicking spider is so good at what it does that most humans don’t even notice that it’s really not an ant. These spiders can be identified by their two body segments and eight legs. Even so, their abdomen has a thin waist like portion that makes it look like there are three parts. They also hold their front legs out in front of them so they look like antennae. By looking really closely you can see the uk canada goose outlet spider’s fangs and four pairs of Canada Goose Parka eyes.

Canada Goose Outlet Ant mimicking spiders eat ants and aphids. By looking like an ant they can get close without the ants knowing they are not just another ant.

Fun Fact: Urban legendHave you ever heard it said that the daddy long legs spider has the most poisonous venom of any creature on earth, but it’s mouth is too small to bite humans? It’s not true, in fact, it’s doubly not true.

The critter commonly called daddy long legs isn’t even

canada goose clearance sale a spider. canada goose factory sale The real name for this critter is the harvestman. Although they are arachnids, they are not spiders and therefore don’t have venom glands.

canada goose deals Even so, there are so many people who believe the legend that the harvestman myth has been shown to be false on both “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and “Myth Busters.”.

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